Scroll Text on Multifunctional Sheild


i am playing around with the arduino multifunctional shield to use the button on and off state to display text on the 4x7 segment display. here is my code so far

#include <MultiFuncShield.h>
#include <TimerOne.h>
#include <Wire.h>

const int Button    = A1;
const int Button1   = A2;

int ButtonState      = 0;    
int Value            = 0;    
int On               = 0;  
int ButtonState1     = 0;    
int Value1           = 0;    
int On1              = 0;   

void setup() {
  pinMode(Button,   INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(Button1,  INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()
    Value = digitalRead(Button);  
    if(Value == HIGH && On == LOW)
      ButtonState = 1 - ButtonState;    
    On = Value;                  
    if (ButtonState == HIGH)       
MFS.write("Hello and welcome");

MFS.write("today is tuesday");


in the mfs.write( ) i want the text to scroll across the 7 segment display. any help using char and/or string?

in the mfs.write( ) i want the text to scroll across the 7 segment display

I am reasonably confident that the method does NOT handle scrolling.

I am sure that you could scroll a string, by printing the 0th to nth characters, then printing the 1st to nth character and the 0th character, then print the 2nd to nth character and the 0th and 1st character. Repeat as needed.

How would i do this in my code paul

How would i be able to perform a scrolling text in a 4x7 segment display