Scrolling in the ide with surface pro touch screen

Hey I just got a surface pro today and I've noticed that i can't scroll up and down inside Arduino 1.8.5 by using my finger, instead it acts like I'm using the stylus and does a click and drag.

Not sure if this is something on the arduino side of things or if it's something to do with how windows touch interacts with 3rd party apps.

Anyone have any insight on this issue? I'd like to be able to scroll up and down my code with my fingers.

Use a keyboard and mouse. Touchscreens are not a suitable interface for getting real work done.

I'll do what I want thank you, your unhelpful response doesn't answer my question.

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Have you tried multi-finger drags? I would expect that the "equivalents" of the scroll bar andscroll wheel (which are the only non-keyboard-based ways to scroll the window on a normal desktop) to get mapped to touch-screen gestures somewhere deep inside of the Java classes being used.

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Same problem with HP Spectre. Works in Visual Code, Crimson Editor 2007, Lazarus... Touch just gives another control dimension to the PC!
[pert] you really use a mouse??? :frowning: