Scrolling LED stock ticker tape


I am looking to create a scrolling LED ticker tape for my new apartment as a project, and I am looking for general advice/guidance before I begin.

My thought is to have a few LED panels hooked together so that during market hours, real time stock info would be displayed, but during non-market hours, just date, weather, and time would be displayed. Having never done anything like this before, I have a few questions:

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Which Arduino would be best to use? I have read about the Yun some, and it seems like that may be the way to go.
  3. Am I getting in over my head? How difficult is pulling real time data from a website (yahoo finance,, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It's plausible.

You'll need a way to get to WiFi, so something with it built in would be nice. You also need something with enough pins to run whatever LED panels you have. Depending on what the API you're calling returns, you may need a reasonable amount of RAM to hold it if you can't parse it on the fly. An ESP32 is one possibility.

The Yun is unusual with it's Arduino Linux combo and high price. I rarely see anything here about them so I'd guess that it's harder to find someone here who can help when you get stuck.

Pulling data is just like doing it from a PC - hit the page/API and parse the results. Depending on the provider that may be easy JSON interpreting or some horrible home made format that's hard to process.

This would be a very difficult project for a beginner but it can be done. You can get the data with a ESP32 and its built in wifi. Depending on module it can have a lot of I/O (probably not enough for the display), SPI (fast) etc. I would suggest you start with the display and determine what you will display and what size. Next determine the display's configuration (how many leds xy). Then you can figure out how to drive it. Do not expect to complete this project in a few weeks. You might also watch some related tutorials. You might also consider looking at additional hardware utilizing two ported ram, that takes the load off the computer. Try this link for some background information? https: // Good Luck.

a) Yes.
b) a micro controller with WIFI. I would use a NodeMCU or a Wemos D1 . If large enough some of these Max7219 matrix displays
c) if you have the right API and a proper library like the ArduinoJSON library it is straight forward. Just follow the examples with the ESP, the display library and the JSON library. One step after another.

[url]ESP8266: Live Stock Ticker - YouTube

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