Scrolling menus in IDE?

Hi guys,

I have added a lot a support for other boards like 'Teensy'... and added a lot of different 'Libraries'. The problem is when i navigate to these options in the 'IDE' the list extends past the edge of my screen. This is probably a screen resolution issue but i dont want to have to change it everytime.

is there any way to create tabs that scroll or double up so i can fit it all on one screen?

Clearly you need a bigger monitor. Tell your spouse we said it was necessary.

Im actually using my 40" tv as a monitor. is this post in the wrong place or is there really nothing i can do?

or is there really nothing i can do?

The IDE really does have some limitations. I'm not aware of anything you can do, until the Arduino team wakes up and recognizes that the IDE needs a serious overhaul.

is there really nothing i can do?

You can edit the boards.txt file(s) to remove the definitions of boards that you don't expect to be using.
Or you can upgrade to 1.5.x, where some of the boards have been combined into separate "board" and "cpu" settings.
(so far, most of the add-ons have not been adjusted that way...)

There is also Arduino Enhanced Release 1.0.5 for Windows which seems to provide scrolling windows.,118440.0.html

I had post a same topic about that yesterday…
and I have no luckly in trying in another IDE for my( your ) purpose .