Scrolling text + custom design on bluetooth app with 8x8led matrix

I have purchased an 8x8 LED matrix (the one with the 5 pins and led board fixed).
Got it to display characters using attached code with the LEDCONTROLMS.H library

I would like to know how I can scroll text on a single 8x8 ledmatrix and also like an app connected via bluetooth to be able to send the text and also custom designs on an 8x8 square on the app.

Can I use the same library or something different would be needed?

//include the library
#include "LedControlMS.h"

Configuring the LEDMatrix:
Digital 2 is conneted to DIN (Data IN)
Digital 3 is connected to CLK (CLocK)
Digital 4 is connected to CS (LOAD)
5V is connected to VCC
GND is connected to GND
There is only one MAX7219 display module.

#define NBR_MTX 1
LedControl lc=LedControl(2,3,4, NBR_MTX);
//LedControl lc=LedControl(2,3,4, NBR_MTX);

String sentence= "TESTING";
int letterCounter=0;
/* wait time between updates of the display */
unsigned long delaytime=1000;

void setup() { // initalizes and sets up the initial values. Declaring function setup.
  /* The display module is in power-saving mode on startup.
  Do a wakeup call */
  Serial.begin(9600); // setting data rate as 9600 bits per second for serial data communication to computer
  Serial.println("Setup"); //prints data to serial port as human-readable text
  for (int i=0; i< NBR_MTX; i++){
    lc.shutdown(i,false); //keep the screen on
    lc.setIntensity(i,1); // set brightness to medium values
    lc.clearDisplay(i); //clear the display after each letter

void loop() { //declaring function loop
  char ch= sentence[letterCounter]; //define character ch
  if (letterCounter>7) letterCounter=0; //sets up loop
  lc.displayChar(0, lc.getCharArrayPosition(ch)); //display each character on the screen