Scrolling Text with a Bi-Color Matrix Using 2 Max72-22's

Hi all,
Just acquired a Arduino for some tinkering, thought it would be a piece of cake after learning Assembly for the PIC family of micro-controllers (oh how I remember the memory errors =( ).

I’d worked through almost all of the (beginner) playground lessons and was looking forward to getting my hands dirty with some external hardware, namely two max72-22’s that I had planned on using to drive a 2 color (red/green & orange) 8x8 led matrix.

Using this lesson I hooked up the display and got some rudimentary animations going. I’d seen some other designs that used a one color led matrix, but the same principles couldn’t be applied because of the two max72-22’s that I was using, and the fact that I had to use SetLed (As per ledcontrol.h) instead of directly pushing out a matrix to the digital pins.

If anyone has an idea on how to get some multicolor text scrolling using the example linked above, it would be really nice.

Check out the examples on this page:

The code linked at the bottom has some examples of how to scroll text on an LED matrix.