SD card and I2C EEPROM not working together


I'm using a Duemilanove with a sparkfun SD board. When I include the SD.h file I can write to the card (using SPI presumably)

I also need to write to an I2C EEPROM device using Wire.h but as soon as I add Wire.h to the sketch the SD open stops working.

Any Ideas. I've been struggling for days on this.

Best regards

I'm replying to myself. I can make it work

If I incorrectly put in '#include "wire.h" ' it works. If I correctly put in '#include "Wire.h" ' it does't.

I've tried this half a dozen times with the same result.

Surely this is nonsense?

I am new but, I am guessing that when you use the incorrect '#include "wire.h" you will not be able to write to EEPROM. I am thinking your SD card uses the same pin or interrupt or something along that line.

Post the code and I am sure someone more knowledgeable will help you.



It's obvious about the wire/Wire. It was late! I'll check out the pinning later today, but at the moment it just looks like the I2C is 4 & 5, and the Wire.h SPI uses 11, 12 & 13 or some such higher ones. I've got an Ethernet/SD shield arriving today I think. If so I'll trensfer to that and see what happens.

Many thanks for your reply.