SD Card and LCD

I’ve recently got an old Siemens CX65 LCD and i found out that this kind of lcd is used on S65 Shield for Arduino so i think it will help me to improve (use icons stored on card) my remote published here so i took the Schematic v1.2 and removed some components.
My schematic can be downloaded from at the bottom of the page “Click to download GVI_RC_CX65.sch”
I also want my remote to be an “arduino” board in order to connect it directly to USB when it needs to be programmed and powered by an 9V battery as stand alone device.
So, do you think that this schematic will do the job?
What else can i store on SD card in order to reduce the memory consumption on ATMega328? (maybe fonts)
How can i use chip select to access the card an the lcd?