SD card >> Arduino >> play .wav files (diagram)

HI..I have my Arduino..

and I have some various other components.. jumper wires.. headers, breadboards..etc.. (caps resistors, various flavors..etc)

I have an SD card adapter with some male header pins solder to it..

I want to use a breadboard and my Arduino to read/play a simple .wav file from the SD card

My first question is:

1.) is there an easy, simple diagram (not schematic) on how to interface with an SD card to the Arduino? (I need it to a bit easier than a I can follow what wires go where..and what resistors go where..etc..

2.) I dont have nor do I want to buy a .wav 'shield'.. I want to see/learn how to wire up the connection myself.. (at least give it a shot with your help!)

after that.. I believe I have seen some code/classes/libraries posted in public domain to use for testing.. simple button press to play specific .wav file form SD card.

I have at least tried to set it up like so.. but Im fairly certain its wrong.. and even if NOT.. not sure where to go from there?.. not looking for help on 'code' so much.. just need help 'getting' to that point. =) (maybe loading libraries and that would be new to me as well)

much appreciated to anyone who can help here with a little hand holding for a noob.


Misleading image redacted by moderator.

however some searching also provided these:

Is there a preferred library for SD cards that everyone uses? I see some older ones.. maybe the fat16 lib?



Didn't we answer this over the weekend? The picture looks too familiar. See this design You need to have a good source of 3.3V current, and the active driver chip for level conversion for reliable comm's with the SD card.

How will you play the wav file without a wav shield ?

Will you use a DAC ?

You can't connect it directly, as SD Cards are 3.3V and the Arduino pins are 5V, see this:

Please, remove the picture ASAP, as its wrong and could burn some SD Cards of people who don't read it correctly, ok? ;-)

Here's the correct setup:

Also, if you want to read and handle the WAV files directly, you will need to keep in mind bit-resolution x sample-rate. The Arduino by itself won't handle much, unless you really go deep on the programming skills. That's why most people use a WAV Shield.

You could convert your WAV files to Binary and use a PWM output, check my project up: