SD card data via XBee to Arduino

Hello to everyone .

Now I have 2 Arduino unos , 2 Series1 XBees , 1 ADXL330 , 1 microSDcard shield and 1 SD card .

Currently I can use Arduino's programming to read ADXL330's z-axis(only want) value , after read , write to SD card .

The final target is following :

One computer ( connect to Arduino + ADXL + SD card + XBee ) send data to another computer( connect to Arduino + XBee ) .

The part of front I had already completed .( i.e read z-axis value and write to SD card )

Now the question is following :

How can I SD card data via XBee send to another Arduino ?

If there are any questions on topic , welcome to reply and anyone reply would be really appreciated .

simpli read the file on the SD and write it on the Serial (or SoftwareSerial) used to communicate with the xbee.

the other part simply read with serial/software serial the incoming data and write it back to PC (it is a "bridge").

you can remove the arduino's MCU from the receiver, if you connect the RXTX of the xbee with the TXRX of the arduino, because you don't need the arduino acting as bridge, you just need a TTL(3.3V!)/USB converter