SD Card Encryption

Hello Gents,

I have a new project that I am working on that requires storage of data on an SD card. This data is sensitive and must be protected with a form of encryption. This project reads in a barcode and then checks if the code is a match on the SD card. I need to store approximately 50,000 codes and encrypt them.

I would like to use AES 128 or something robust, but am worried about how long it would take to read/write data. Ideally I would like the system to process a 10 digit code in 1-2 seconds.

So far I have not seen many projects that have done this. I was thinking it might make sense to utilize a separate microprocessor to handle this data.

At this point I am just gauging project feasibility. Any suggestions or similar project links would be extremely useful.

while potentially possible, you are asking a lot of your "microcontroller", You might consider adapting your project to something like a RaspberryPi.

Reading and comparing 50,000 code within 2 seconds is not possible with arduino and sd card even without any encryption. You should use an arduino to only do the reading and supply the bar code to a raspberry pi.