SD card fails to initialise

I have a cheap ebay SD card built by LC Technology the module has a 2x8 block-header, and I'm using a 32G SanDisk SDHC. I used the v4 formatter to ensure it's filesystem is optimised.

The problem is, it fails to initialize on boot. Pressing the reset button on the Arduino (Duemillanove) makes no difference, but ejecting and reinserting the SD card allows the card to successfully initialize once. But hitting reset again then fails again to initialize.

I've tried the example sketches, and the end result is as I've described above.

I will add, when I very first got the module it was working every time; using the example sketches, and I don't recall anything significant enough to cause the problem I'm now experiencing.


what format you using now?
You can test FAT16 with < 4 GB.

regards Thomas

$ sudo mkfs.vfat -F16 /dev/mmcblk0p1 mkfs.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16) WARNING: Not enough clusters for a 16 bit FAT! The filesystem will be misinterpreted as having a 12 bit FAT without mount option "fat=16". mkfs.vfat: Attempting to create a too large filesystem

I found a 2G micro SD card and SD adaptor, and formatted this with FAT16 filesystem. This now works every time:

Card type: SD2

Volume type is FAT16

Volume size (bytes): 1075314688 Volume size (Kbytes): 1050112 Volume size (Mbytes): 1025

This is the card that would only work when ejected/inserted the SD card:

Card type: SDHC

Volume type is FAT32

Volume size (bytes): 1830420480 Volume size (Kbytes): 1787520 Volume size (Mbytes): 1745

So, is that the filesystem, capacity, or type of SD card then that can cause problems?