SD card format

Good day to all of you

I would like to ask you, if someone makes a software for arduino format a SD card.

My idea for an arduino that can format SD burned when a client send me a machine (Car multimedia unit) for repair and inside had a SD card with a serious various. When I insert the virused SD inside my PC, all my files corrupted from the virus and I make format to my PC to remove the virus.

So I had the idea that if I had an arduino that have inside a software to format the SD, then can solve this kind of problem.

If anyone have any idea please contact with me

Thanks in advance

Look at the SDFat library, there is an example to format an SD card.

Or drop your windows pc, use a mac or Linux to read the card, it won’t auto execute anything crazy or built for windows (and to be fair recent version of windows won’t auto-execute either if you set that up correctly - look for “disable AutoPlay in Windows 10”). This goes for SD cards, smart hostile USB device could do damaging things even without autoplay in windows…