SD Card Initialization Failed on MKR Zero

Hello all,

I am using the built-in SD card reader on the MKR Zero with no luck being able to initialize the card.

Some things I've done/tried include setting the chip select to values of "28" and "SDCARD_SS_PIN" and even leaving the SD.begin() field empty. I've tried both the Cardinfo script and Datalogger. I've tried two different SD cards, one is 2GB and the other is 32GB. I have also reformatted both SD cards using the built-in formatting tool in file explorer and an "SD Card Formatter" app that was suggested in another post. FAT32 and FAT16 formats were also tried.

All of these attempts resulted in the same error message where the card cannot be initialized.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I've spent several hours trying to get past the first step in my project.

do you have some shield on the MKR which uses SPI?

Hi Juraj, I'm not sure what a shield is that uses SPI so I'm going to say no. All I have is the MKR Zero and a micro SD card that goes into the MKR Zero.

I was able to resolve my issue. I previously had the 1.8.11 version of the board manager. I downgraded it to 1.8.10 and everything is working perfectly.

that was a problem with SPI speed. upgrade, not downgrafe

So I thought that resolved my issue considering it was the only thing I tried differently. However, now as I am revisiting the project the same issue is present regardless of which version I am using.

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