Sd Card Interface with arduino

Hi !

I am trying to use sd card with uno.

1st i put example code named CardInfo, works perfect & show card details.

It means my card wiring with uno is perfect.

Next i use example code named DataLogger.

But in this sketch card init is failed.

I could not understand why ?

Need Help.


You need to post both of your programs so we can see what is different.

In some tests I did the SD Card worked fine even when the init() suggested a problem - but I have only dabbled with it and I am by no means an expert.


I am also new to SD cards and did some tests yesterday.
The new IDE's (apparently already since 1.6.8 or so) do have recognized problems with SD card operations and for me it seems that a lot of trial and error is currently going on to fix that issue. As a new project requires to have a SD card for data logging purposes on board I have to get the SD things function properly.

See my results and findings (so far) here and here.

Hi !

I got new lib SdFat.

Now it is working ok with version 1.8.0

Here is the link of new lib.