SD Card Library Size

Is there any way of getting a super small SD card library? I have a rather large project and the amount of memory taken up when using the SD Card library is difficult to get around! I am building a laser tag game and want the SD so the gun can log hits and upload to the control unit later. My code is at 44% dynamic memory before the SD card library. I have done all I know, using "const," F(string). I just need a small SD library. LOL I have wondered if there was a way to make the 512 byte buffer local so it is used only when needed.

Another option would be an FRAM memory on the I2C/Wire bus. You could treat it as a 32k-byte buffer.

How would that interface with the sd card?

John's giving you an option instead of the SD card. Actually a really good one!

My option? Just get a bigger processor. They are everywhere..

-jim lee

Any suggestions of what to use. I want something I can put on a pcb. And preferably would like it to be cheap. haha

That sounds like a ProMega, or one of the ESP8266 tribe. There is also discussion nearby on a mini datalogger, which I understand uses a slimmer SD library.

I use Teensy 3.2s in most of my stuff. 64k or RAM is nice.

-jim lee

You might take a look at the SdFat library. I think it is smaller than SD.

Someone just posted a small SD library in the "Storage" subforum, where this thread belongs too.

robertpickett3: I want something I can put on a pcb.

Most all Arduinos can be put on PCBs

So I was using the sdFat library. Lol I have two options. I have ordered an atmega32u4 board and I’m also looking at a super small sd library for logging data.