SD Card lookup /import routine

I was not sure where to post this, but considering I have little experience with programming this is probably the better location. So Large read only file, saved on SD card. I would like to open the file and display this on my TFT screen with a scroll. Highlight the city desired from the list and with a soft button import the rest of that line. (Address, meter number). Is this possible or am I thinking way beyond memory and capability? If do able, any help would be appreciated.

I have a feeling there are some important details that you think we already know that we don't. Namely the format of the data in this file on the SD card. It's got cities and meters and addresses in it? If the info is in some sort of text format then it's trivial to pull text from a file and display it on a screen. I think you should maybe elaborate on your requirements a little and show us what you've tried so far. There are a number of examples in the SD library that show how to get text from an SD card and a number of examples around of displaying text on a TFT. What are your specific questions?

I believe it is that simple. Putting on an excel hat, plan for 1000 rows of data, 3 columns of data, City, Meter#, Address, all dumbed down to a read-only file. Now it is possible that the City on the list may have two or three meters, but can work thru that later (I think). that's why the address is a tie breaker.

I will sort the excel file used to create the read only text file, by city to speed the lookup. I can also use whatever delimiter, if required. With my Arduino mega and TFT, I would like to create a page, sort by city, select city and import the remaining details.

The bigger picture includes the desire to use the meter number to create a date stamped directory where I can save the meters parametric data to.

I have , display , communication and file archive down, now but writing to the same files. I am now at the point where I would like to create a directory structure based on the import of a meter number via city selection? Make sense? If you can send me off to links great, just not sure how to word the search, thus reached out here. thanks

Meters cities. I have no idea what you're talking about or what the best way to organize the data is. I feel like I'm getting in at the middle of some conversation but the thread just started.

As far as reading files off an SD card, start with the examples in the SD library.