SD card mapping name change when usb drive key inserted befor boot

If i add a usb drive key before booting the device i will get that my SD will becom /dev/sdb1 instead of /dev/sda1 giving me problem with /www/sd symbolic link.
I know that i can just change the link, but maybe sometimes the usb is inserted sometimes no.
So it's possible to change the default beahviour so that the SD card will be always on /dev/sda1?

I assume you are asking about the Yun and not your computer.
There is a fix, but it's not well documented. (at least the last time I looked)
The work around is to check it before you use it, or check it when you start the session.


Yes, the problem is about Yùn and not my computer :smiley:

I can't check before use it, it has to be all automatic.
I'm working for a way to change mapped dev name (like i could do with udev in debian), or to not automatic add USB Drive Key at boot and doing it manually in rc.local.

Does either the USB drive or the SD card have a folder named /arduino?

Try creating an arduino folder at the root of the SD card, and make sure you don't have one at the root of the USB drive. My understanding is that if an /arduino folder is found during bit, that is the drive that will be available under /mnt/sd.

Upgrade from hotplug2 to standard Udev at Openwrt

However since I use root ExpandingYunDiskSpace method, I never have problem of device name changed. without upgrade to Udev. use overlay method.

Take a look here

Edit: sry for redundancy. I didn't see the ShapeShifter post.

ExpandingYunDiskSpace use root method (mapping to root)

ExpandingYunDiskSpace use overlay method (mapping to overlay)