SD card not initialising

I have an arduino pro mini3V 8MHz connected to a microSD card (Toshiba fat32). The cardinfo sketch from the sd library works and provides information regarding the card. The read write program example indicates an initialisation error. Ive used pin 10 as the Chip select in the cardinfo sketch. I saw elsewhere on the forum that the library 1.1 had an issue and I updated the library to the latest library but this does not solve the issue.

The connections are on Sd breakout ArduinoProminiPIn 3.3V 3.3V GND GND CS 10 MOSI 11 MISO 12 CLK 13 Im powering through a USB 3 connection on my laptop through an ftdi breakout to the pro mini and sd breakout board. Would that be issue that it is not supplying enough current? or is it something else. I placed the const int chipSelect =10 in the card read/write sketch but still no luck. Im confused as the cardinfo sketch recognizes the card that is connected. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.