SD card not writing after long times/ how to test SD card status?

Hi guys, I am making a temperature sensor with the DHT and putting it on the nokia OLED (forgot exact models.) They both work fine and I also have a SD card reader to save the info on. This also works, however, if I leave it running for a long time (a few days) the data will no longer write to the file. I have set it so it will do a serial print ("data recorded to sd card") whenever it is supposed to write. Even though there is no new line added to the file, it still prints this line to console.

I have the code set to record data every 1 minute, and the shortest I got it to record for was 3 hours while the longest was 2 weeks. If I restart the power it will start to record data again. What could be the problem here?

One thing I wanted to do was to keep a status check on the SD card, doing another !SD.begin()/init() would take up more memory no? Is there another alternative?