SD Card on Yun Mini

Hello, it's me again,

After bearing my solution from Arduino Uno Wifi to Arduino Yùn mini, I trying to explore the possibilities the linino OS offers (reminder I am not familiar at all with linux [I should have a linux courses in computing class around April (that's super late[maybe I should stop with those brackets])]).

All was all right before I realise that the Yun Mini isn't the same as the Yun (obviously…) and that it doesn't come with Ethernet plug nor a Micro SD card slot. So I can't install Node.Js the board I'm using.

I didn't find any "SD Card Shield" for arduino Yun Mini. In Fact, I didn't find anything designed for this board and I feel like I am the only one that uses this board all over the internet.

Does someone knows How could I plug a sd card on My board ?
Thank you very much ! :heart:

You could use an SD card break out from adafruit and connect it to the SPI lines on the Arduino side.

USB: USB , USB- Used to connect USB MIPS with external USB devices. We suggest to use the Add on: dogUSB or dog eMMC.

I think that these pins (in conjunction with power and ground) would let you connect to a USB flash drive?
The supporting documentation for that all seem to be dead links now :frowning:

I would assume that the USB drive would show up as a directory in /mnt/ on the linux side and you could use some of the SD card file read/write examples to access it.

Hopefully this is informative for you if you are going to try to use the USB+ and USB- pins.

Ok thank you very much for your help,

Unfortunately, I won't be able to try this today since the laboratory is close because they found asbestos while working on refurbishment.

It's a really bad week end.
Laptop deceased
Electric guitar deceased
Pi deceased
asbestos at laboratory.
unsustainable refurbishment work noises at the office.

however, do you know where I can find a DOGUSB shield for my Yun ? It seem unavailable as I didn't find it online ? If it's possible it would be much more clean ^^'