SD card pins on Arduino Mega problem

Hi guys,

I'm trying to connect my microSD module to my mega board, but I have an LCD shield on top of it already. The module uses 6 digital pins, and 1 ground, so this only leaves me with placing it on pins 53-43. My problem is using the SD library with this set up. It keeps failing initialization. I tried changing the default pins in one of the library files, but it still failed.

Basically, I'm wondering if this setup is even possible, and if so, how can I change the library to work with these pins?

[edit]i'm using the libelium microSD module from cooking-hacks


The SD card uses the SPI interface pins (50-53?) Perhaps you can get around the need for a true "Ground" pin next to six digital pins by using a 7th digital pin set to "LOW" as a "Ground". Should work as long as the LCD uses less than 40 mA.

Just been as I have seen ways that have been used to connect Ethernet shields on a mega.

Found this, which may not help, and this,

Which shows how your can hack the SPI wiring to use the shield on a mega.