Sd card Raw read/write that actually compiles?

I've been searching google for over a week now and been hacking the library I found here

and I cant get anything more complicated then a blink sketch / pwm LED sketch to compile. It always complains aoubt "Serial" or "delay" or "HEX" or "DEC" not being defined.

this is my first time with arduinos and I'd really like to stick with them, but I cant get the darn thing to do anything useful. any help would be appreciated

Post the code you are having problems with - the sketch and any modified header or source files.

Also tell us what operating system you are using, and which Arduino you have.

It really isn't that difficult to get a library to compile and link, although the proliferation of Arduino types is making it harder, and the changes made with version 17 didn't help.

I’ve tried 3 computers. 1 ubuntu and 2 windows 7. I have an arduino pro mini 328P

oh also