Sd card reader as a buffer for a SSD or a HDD

Simple question.
It's possible to have a SD card reader that's gona work as a buffer for a HD?
I explain myseld.
I have a camera that I record on SD card.
32go for a SD will cover only 7 minutes of recording and the SD card are really expensive.
It's possible to plug the SD card on a reader and transfert everything on a HDD or SSD?

Ill use someting like that

The 32go SD card will be in the extention cord and the other end will be in the camera.

Nobody can help?

It's because it's just not possible or it's because nobody want to help?? loll :stuck_out_tongue:

You want to that with an Arduino somehow? That would be really slow.
There commercial units available that will transfer SD card contents to a portable hard drive.
Arduino is underpowered to be a hard drive controller.