Sd card reader working with Uno but not Nano or Feather?

Hello! I have a standard sd card reader that I can connect no problem to pins 10 through 13 on my arduino Uno, but interestingly I cannot get it to work with my nano or my feather nRF52840 express using the same wiring and code.

I'm using the CardInfo example to troubleshoot, and from the Uno it works fine, but the same pins 10 through 13 in the same places and either 3.3v or 5v simply won't make the card show up when using a nano or a feather. Is this standard behavior? Are these devices not compatible with card readers or is the wiring different?

Thank so much for the help!

The 5V/16MHz Nano (with ATmega328p) is basically identical to an UNO. I don't think there is any way that an SPI device would work on an UNO and not a Nano unless the Nano was faulty.

Or unless the nano was one of the new fancy range of nanos, like the nano every.

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