SD Card Reader

This is my first attempt outside of the Arduino kit that I purchased. I bought a Virtuabotix card read/writer


and I’m attempting to get the basic examples to work (Example → SD → CardInfo, etc) and I always got the initialization failed error.

So I went out on the internet and tried various examples, such as from adafruit and a few youtube videos. The card never gets recognized.

I’ve double checked my wiring, had my wife look at it, and my brother. I’m sure the wiring is correct. I’m starting to suspect I have misunderstood something regarding the hardware. I’ve learned not to automatically assume the hardware I bought doesn’t work…it’s usually my own fault.

I’m using a Mega2560.

I’m using various ScanDisk SD cards, but I don’t have a 2gb. Is there a 2gb limit? The examples always seem to have a 2gb card.

Is this card reader compatible with what I’m trying to do? I pushed the pins in my breadboard and wired from there. I’ve also taken the breadboard out of the equation with F-M wires.

Short of that, can anyone offer a suggestion? After three days, I’m stumped.

Picture of setup attached.

Any comments are appreciated.


Are you calling pin 53 as OUTPUT? Have you formatted the card in the kosher manner? There is a sticky at the head of this forum about formatting. Other than the eye-watering price, the SD module looks normal and, they say it is good for Arduino, so it probably is. If you are not already doing so, I would run it off the 5v pin.

Hi Nick;

Thank you for the reply. The example included doesn't use Pin 53, it uses 10-13. However, I've used code that used pins 50-53, and it didn't work for me.

However, more importantly, no I did not format the card as you say. Quite sure this is my problem, and thank you for your direction.


Proper formatting did the trick. I don't know how I missed that, except it wasn't mentioned in the tutorials I watched. Just information overload I guess.

Once again, thank you Nick.

Does file size affect the ability for the virtuabotix to transfer data?

I will be transferring alot of data, and know some usb data transferring modules have difficulty transferring data to files over 512 bytes large.

Does that limitation apply to the sd card reader too?

Also, does it fit regular SD cards, micro SD cards, or both?