SD card shield takes up pins I needed, what should I use?

I bought an SD card shield, but unfortunately it hogs up all the power pins and a few others I needed to connect some other components. What sort of components do people normally use to be able to use a shield but also use the pins it’s using?

Hi nbelakovski,

Normally a shield only uses the pins needed and passthrough the rest. Power is always used AND passed through.

SDcards normally use hardware SPI (pin 11,12,13) and one pin for chip select, I’ve seen pin 4, 8 and 10 been used as chip selct pin for different SDcards.
The Hardware SPI pins can be reused by any SPI device, however only one device/Chip selctpin may be high at the same time.

Some questions:

  1. what board are you using? UNO duemillanove mega?
  2. can you tell more about the conflicting pins? what is more connected
  3. Can you tell about the sketch? its purpose?
  4. what SDcard shield do you use?
  5. post your code?

1) I'm using an UNO

2) Here's a close up picture of the area in question:

It takes up both ground pins (and the one on the other side) and the 3.3V and 5V pins. It doesn't take up the Vin pin but it effectively blocks it.

3) I have a GPS unit that I'm hooking up to the Arduino and I need to get power from Arduino as well as ground, so I need to use those pins. By passed through, are you talking about how there's some exposed metal on top of the board? Am I supposed to solder directly to that?

4) It's from Seeedstudio

5) My code's not finished, but I don't know that it would help since it's a hardware issue I'm facing.

I was under the impression there might be some sort of standoff I could use to still be able to get to the pins I need? Or am I imagining things?

Thanks in advance for the help.

By "passed through" he probably meant with extended headers, but you don't have those. In your case, yes, you should solder to the upper part of the headers. There isn't really a "standoff", per se, since the pins are still there, but if you desoldered the pins already on the shield, and used these (or something similar) instead, you'd have some female headers to work with. Alternatively, you could just take some spare protoboard and make power buses for your other devices (requires more work).

I managed to solder a couple wires to the top and things seem to work fine. I might go the protoboard route since I just require one power bus and maybe a ground bus.

Thanks for the suggestions!