Sd Card Sniffer, Evant Handler


maybe someone can help.

Following scenario:

A Trailcam makes a picture, stores it on the SD card. I access this card with a SD Sniffer Card and an Arduino Uno. When the cam stores a picture, some kind of an “Eventhandler” gets notice and I can execute a command.

Should be possible?

What kind of code should I use?

Thanks for ideas.

Perhaps you can be a bit more forthcoming with details of your proposed project.


Hello, actually I want to turn a normal trailcam into a GSM trailcam. When the trailcam made a picture, I "just" want to grap the picture via the sniffer and the arduino and send it to a email adress. Sounds nice, but isn't that easy, I found out.
What worked is, getting access to the card, when the cameras is switched off. As I turn it on, the camera isn't able to access card anymore. It seems to be not possible to access the card with to devices. Seems like a difficult endeavour.