SD card will not read and log mv

I am using a micro data logger with RTC on a Arduino Mega 2560.

I have snipped two programs, one for the RTC and one for the data logger.

I give a high input to Pin 7 when I want to log the v (actually mv) and percent.

I am trying to log mv and percent where percent equals mv times a scale factor.

The data logger logs the date and time, but only logs 0 0 for mv and percent.

The Serial monitor displays the mv and percent, but shows 0 0 for the data logger.

Please see attached sketch and pictures of the Serial monitor.

Please help me as I have tried with any hours of research. I think it has to do with logging the float, but can't find a fix. Thank you for your help.



KnauerRTC_w_DATA_Logger_sketch3_Mega.ino (12.8 KB)



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