SD card...Wiring is correct and a card is present. Could not find format

I'm troubling with a SD connected to Arduino continuous messager that the format FAT32 it seem not correct....are you sure to format the sd card ?. I'm sure to format the SD card with the Windows 10 format function but I'm not sure that the software to format is correct ! What do you suggest to do to solve this problem. Thanks very much Gianni Nasazzi - IBM System Engineer Montpellier education center -

message :
Initializing SD card...Wiring is correct and a card is present.

Card type: SDHC
Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition.
Make sure you've formatted the card

Is there another software to format ?
I'm using examples from Arduino libraries and other Adafruit libraries and other again but the
result is the same. Could not find FAT32 partition.
May be a different reason ?

Hello - I have used the SD formatter (see link) after some trouble with the Windows format program.