SD Card Without SPI Pins Available

I screwed up big. Not anticipating I would need to use an SD card for my project, I soldered some wires to my SPI pins, totally unaware that they were special. So now that I need to use the SPI pins, I am unable to access them without seriously rewriting my code and unsoldering the SPI pins.

So, to avoid a ton of work, is there a way to bit bang an SD Card? I don't need fast data reads or writes, I just need to be able to access the SD card.

Search for "software SPI", I think fat16lib has code for that.

Sorry, but I stumbled upon this and am having trouble sorting through how exactly to use the softSPI. I saw a similar option in the sdfat library, but once again, didn't understand it

Alright, I made some progress on this. For arcival purposes, check out, Arduino Forum, and Hope this helps other web wanderers =)