SD Itaed Shield for Arduino and another SPI device

Hi, I’m using this module, which has an SD card shield. I used with the GPS (included in the shield) and I had no problems with it. But I made a code to control an 12 bits ADC, which runs with no problem without adding the SD module, but when I tried to used both in one code I have problems. I use this code to detect troubles wiht the SD conection:

Serial.println(“SD Fail !”);

I always have the “SD Fail !” message in my serial monitor. Im using the default CS (10) for the SD shield, and for my 12 bits ADC im using pin 9 as Chip Select.

At first I tought that my ADC SPI configuration made the problem:


But I used that in my first code and it working normally. So the problem is not in that way.

Please need some help or any suggest in how can I solve it!!!


If the ADC is a SPI device, you must disable the ADC SPI interface before starting the SD card.

void setup() {
  // disable ADC SPI
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(9, HIGH);

  // now start the SD
    Serial.println("SD Fail !");