SD library and DS1307 library conflict

I'm tryng to create a Dallas iButton ( Ds1990 ) but I can't becouse I'm using SD library to read from SD Card the iButton address and DS1307 to display date and time on LCD 20x4

If I compile the sketch with DS1307 Commented the sketch works loadind file inside the SD Card

If I enable DS1307 the file inside SD Card is not readed ( it is found but the problem is

 if (config_file)

return false when DS1307 is enable )

Do you know something about this problem ? On google I read that there is some problem

On google I read that there is some problem

There is. You didn't post a schematic. You didn't post your code.

this is the schematics

Later I’ll post the code

ticino 16x2 ds3231 SBROGLIATO .pdf (62.5 KB)

This is the code.

iButton_v10.ino (11 KB)

this is the pcd just assembled

Which could be the solution ???

googling and searching I found that

The solution to this problem, is that you have to let digital Pin 10 as output (for the SD library to work) and put out a logic HIGH by adding “digitalWrite(10,HIGH);”. For Arduino Mega you have to do exactly the same ignore pin 53 completely though the comment asks you to change it to 53.

could be this the solution ??

could be this the solution ??

Did it work? If not, it isn't. It it did, it was.

Ahahahahahhahaha later I'll try.

PaulS it this what you thinked before ??

Not working…

any ideas ?

PaulS I belive in you ! What do you suggest ??

Thank you so much