SD library problem?

Hi guys, i've just received my brand new arduino due! i was triyng to connect my sdcard to arduino due following the same arduino uno schematic but without any resistor of course (it's already 3.3 volts!) but noway... doesn't work, card initializzation error... and i'm 100% sure about the wiring and the cspin... all perfectly wired. also tried on the UNO with the resistor and same wiring (always on breadboard) and nothing... i'm using arduino 1.5 ide and the integrated SD library (sdcardinfo.ino)

I had some pains using SPI devices on my Due at first.

You cannot use pins 10-13 for SPI on the Due, which is the way most people (including myself) connect SPI on an Uno.

Instead, you have to use the "SPI header" (2x3 male pin header) on the Due, which is in the same location as the ICSP header on the Uno.

Let me know if that helps. There's more info about the the SPI location on the Due at -Anne

Thank you, i'll try as soon as possible your solution :) i hope that will work... i also noticed that while the 13pin's led on uno is blinking when data trasfer is occurring, on the due the led is always HIGH, so i suppose it's not working... if i put all on a arduino uno r3 protoshield connecting the sd pins both to 13,12,11,10 pins and on the spi header i'll encounter some issues?

The SD library works pretty fine with my due and Ethernet Shield (which is also using the ICSP headers).