SD library problems

Using the read wire example my file will not open if the name is "111-111-111.txt" but if I rename it to "Test.txt" it will open.

From the SD library reference page:

It uses short 8.3 names for files.

This is a confusing way of saying that the first part of the file name has a maximum length of 8 characters and the file extension has a maximum length of 3 characters.

The first part of your “111-111-111.txt” filename has 11 characters, which is not allowed. The first part of your “Test.txt” filename has 4 characters, which is fine.

Well that is unfortunate. Is there a similar library that I could use to allow a file name like my example. There is no way I could shorten the name it's just the matter of the business.

I believe the library "SdFat" by Bill Greiman supports long file names. You can install it via the Arduino Library Manager. Just search for "sdfat".

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