SD library usable with ATtiny45/85 series.. Does it exist?

Hey! I've been trying to store data from a simple LM35 temp sensor with an ATtiny45 chip, and the SD.h library clearly doesn't work since it doesn't recognise all of the missing ATmega328 pins (DDRD, PIND, PORTD, DDRC, PINC, PORTC). Is there a library that works with this tiny chip? Or is there a way to modify SD.h to make it work? I could ctrl+F in the pinMap file of the library to find all the places where the missing pins appear and clear the lines out, maybe? It would be very long and I'm not sure this is the way to do it..

Thanks guys! this forum is always very helpful.

How much SRAM does an AtTiny45 have? The SD class needs 512 bytes per open file, plus.

I see. it has 256.. so it physically is impossible and no library could make that chip save on microSDs?

Petit FAT File System Module might work.