SD on TFT display never found

Hello I am struggling to get my 2560 mega to read an SD card that is on my TFT screen. I am using this screen:

I have been just trying to get the cardInfo example program to run but no matter how I hook it up the initialization fails. I have seen a ton of different potential ways of hooking this up, most examples are only for the uno and say to use 10-13. Most examples for the mega say hook up 50-53. I have even tried to hook it up using ICSP with no luck. Also my screen is not labeled with the standard MISO and MOSI instead it has SD_SCK, SD_D0, SD_D1, SD_SS, I believe D0 is miso and D1 is mosi, correct me if I'm wrong.

So I ask, Pin by pin, how is the screen supposed to be wired to the mega? and a more technical question: Why couldn't these things just have you manually declare which pins were which, wouldn't that eliminate all the confusion?

You plug a shield into the Arduino headers. Every male pin should mate with the corresponding female socket as Nature intended.

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv library via Library Manager.

Follow instructions in the showBMP_not_Uno example.

Then you can run any of the SdFat examples using Software SPI.


Is there anyway to simply use the provided SD.h or run the SD.h example programs? All of the sdfat code I looked at was way past my level of knowledge and almost all of the examples I've seen use the standard SD.h library. Especially with how much reference there is to the mega, there must be a way to get that library to work with this board. I am having a lot of trouble with this SD card reader, functionally isn't it the same as a card reader like:

Besides the fact that its mounted on and shares power and ground with a screen.

You can tell the difference between a Uno shield and a Mega shield by counting the pins.

If you have already bought the SD adapter in your link, connect it to D50-D53, 5V, GND which are all accessible when your Uno shield is plugged into the Mega.

All the SD examples will work.
showBMP_Uno_kbv will work with your SD adapter if you change SD_CS to 53
If you change BMPDEPTH to 8 you will be able to see all the pictures.

If you only have the Uno display shield, you must use software SPI e.g. with the SdFat library.