SD Shield code? (DeekRobot Data Logging Shield)

Hey all,
I'm still a baby in this arduino world, my first project was a simple Temp/RH data logger using an Uno, an SD module, and a DHT22. I had that working fine but it only gave the duration, not the actual time. I was originally just going to add an RTC, but I decided to give the SD shield a shot.

Long story short, I've got this SD shield with a built in RTC, but I can't seem to find any sketches for it online. I'll be running it on an UNO R3 with a DHT22 to make a Temp and RH data logger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like a clone of this adafruit product. The adafruit site has a lot of info, including this pdf which has a good guide to the thing, and this pagre has a walkthrough of the code in the examples. On the Left hand side of the page are links to the various sections of the tutorial. The section labelled Using the Real Time Clock has a good description and also links to the RTC library used.