SDcard library problem

Hello everyone
i have a problem with the sdcard library
i am using the fat16 and sd_raw library
when i tried to compile the code, it showed me this

E:\Arduino\arduino-0018\libraries\SDcard\arduino sd card example.cpp:161: error: 'DEC' was not declared in this scope

how to declare the DEC in the library ?

Thanks a lot

it is killing me

here is my code

#include <byteordering.h>
#include <fat.h>
#include <FAT16.h>
#include <fat_config.h>
#include <partition.h>
#include <partition_config.h>
#include <sd-reader_config.h>
#include <sd_raw.h>
#include <sd_raw_config.h>

FAT TestFile;      //This will be the file we manipulate in the sketch
char buffer[512];  //Data will be temporarily stored to this buffer before being written to the file
int read_size=0;   //Used as an indicator for how many characters are read from the file
int count=0;       //Miscellaneous variable

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);  //Initiate serial communication at 9600 bps

  TestFile.initialize();  //Initialize the SD card and the FAT file system.
  TestFile.create_file("Sample.txt");  //Create a file on the SD card named "Read_File_Test.txt"
                                       //NOTE: This function will return a 0 value if it was unable to create the file.;  //Now that the file has been created, open it so we can write to it.

void loop()
  TestFile.write("This is test data.");  //using the write function will always write to the beginning of the file. 
                                         // Here we add some text to the file.
  TestFile.close();  //We are done writing to the file for now. Close it for later use.

  while(1){;  //Open the file. When the file is opened we will be looking at the beginning of the file.; //Read the contents of the file. This will only read the amount of data specified
                                    // by the size of 'buffer.'

    Serial.println(read_size, DEC);  //Print the number of characters read by the read function.
    for(int i=0; iSerial.print(buffer[i], BYTE);  //Print out the contents of the buffer.

    sprintf(buffer, "%d", count++); //Now we'll use the buffer to write data back to the file. 
                                   // Here's we'll only add one value to buffer, the 'count' variable. 
    TestFile.write(buffer);         //Write the new buffer to the end of the file
    TestFile.close();               //Close the file for later use.

    delay(1000);  //Wait one second before repeating the loop.

Hey there,

I'm doing a project with the microSD and came accross your post.

Did you notice that in your code you have written:

for(int i=0; iSerial.print(buffer*, BYTE); //Print out the contents of the buffer.*
Noting that "iSerial.print(...)" would definately not go down well.
How did the project end up?