SDCardNotes should be updated for Seeed's Shield

I have the misfortune of owning Seeed’s SDCard Shield - it’s all that RadioShack stocks, though, which is where I buy my Arduino parts when I need them within the hour.

Anyways, this page lacks directions on using the shield but says that suggestions for improvements for the page should be posted in these forums:

I think the shield works fine with other Arduino models using the standard SD library, but I couldn’t get my Arduino Mega working with that, so instead I downloaded an SD library that I found on Adafruit’s website:

I renamed the library “AdafruitSD”. To do this, I renamed the folder “AdafruitSD” and changed the name of “SD.cpp” and “SD.h” to “AdafruitSD.cpp” and “AdafruitSD.h”, respectively. I also needed to go into AdafruitSD.cpp and File.cpp and change their references to #include “SD.h” to instead be #include “AdafruitSD.h”. Then I placed that folder in the proper library directory.

In my project, I have #include <AdafruitSD.h>. To start using it, I have pinMode(SS, OUTPUT); and SD.begin(10, 11, 12, 13);

That should be helpful for anyone else who, like me, mistakenly bought Seeed’s shield just assuming that it would work with the standard SD card library and with the Arduino Mega without any extra effort.