SdFat, bench, QuickStart, cannot get SD to run

Hi guys,
Im really struggle here with my SD cards. I have two 4gb cards, one is sandisk other godknows. Any way, got them connected throught spi, no other devices are connected yet. Pins on my shield are shared with resistive touch, but im not using in in this stage.
This is what i`m getting from Serial using QuickStart

Enter the chip select pin number: 7

Assuming the SD is the only SPI device.
Edit DISABLE_CHIP_SELECT to disable another device.

SD initialization failed.
Do not reformat the card!
Is the card correctly inserted?
Is chipSelect set to the correct value?
Does another SPI device need to be disabled?
Is there a wiring/soldering problem?
errorCode: 0x1, errorData: 0x7f


Tried level shigter 4050, and tried connecting it direclty. same result expect last errorData which was errorCode: 0x1, errorData: 0x0

Both cards works fine on PC. Formatted using recommended SD formatter.
I`m using mega2560.

Thanks for any advice.