sdFat library error code need help

Hey fat16lib can u please me in my last post :( ... i dont have an exact author to ask because my code is a mix between mp3 shield code, barcode scanner code and reading txt files from sd card can u help me plz :(

O_READ starts with the letter O, not the number zero.

change this

  DB =, 0_READ);
  if (DB) {

To this

  if (, O_READ)) {

Can't help with this

all3.ino: In function 'void PressButtonToPlay()': all3:179: error: expected primary-expression before '.' token

Can't you just start a new thread instead of keep hijacking mine?

Thanks fat16lib, my code finally worked..i appreciate ur help :D

liudr , i'm so sorry im new to writing forums and this is actually my first time to as questions here...i never meant to hijack anything, sry agian and thanks for pointing out this matter so i wont repeat it :)

Post a new thread next time. You can use a title that describes your problem better and get more related answers.

will do..thanks :)