SDfat problem library conflict Fix this!

SD Fat Adafruit fork and sd fat by Bill Geiman conflict

These two libraries conflict, they can not be installed at the same time!!!! If you want to use exfat for an arduino sd card you HAVE to use sd fat library by Bill Geiman!!! However tinyusb only seems to work with SD Fat Adafruit fork library for QSPI, and does not support exfat. Fix this please!!!! If I am right they use the same name for the library include.... (SDfat.h) Thanks, seems easiest way to fix this is to update the SD Fat Fork by Adafruit to support exfat.
I just realized the same guy wrote both libraries!!!! That doesn't make me any less confused though LOL!!!

Please fix this

What would be a good reason for a program to use two different libraries to access one device?

The problem is they are two different libraries for sd card access, and they share the same
#include <SdFat.h> to include the library . It is not possible to use exfat with the adafruit fork, but if you want to use QSPI you have to use the Adafruit fork. To use exfat you have to use the non adafruit fork version. Problem is any device that needs to use Tinyusb has to have the adafruit fork version. The best way to fix this is to make the adafrit fork version support exfat. Thanks

have you tired to go to the github site of Adafruity library you are using and open a trouble issue?

Or, are you expecting Adafruit and the author of the other library to go to the Arduino Site and read your posting and then do something about the issue?

I already posted the problem on the adafruit blog, I'll try to figure out how contact the author. The weird thing is the same guy wrote both libraries!!! I may try to fix it myself? Lol Thanks for the advice

Bill Geiman is a great guy. I had an issue understanding a different library he had written. He responded rather quickly and straightened out my thinking.

I suggest you go the GitHub (as suggested) explain your issue and ask him for guidance. I have learned this approach results in a much better response than if I stated "Please fix this"

The option is yours.

Just remember how much you are paying Bill for his efforts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Be aware that these libraries are not maintained by Arduino so any request here is probably useless, specifically where you did post it initially :wink:

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