sdfat with TurboSPI


So I have a program running with SdFat for reading SD cards, I am also using the arduino SPI library to send data to an external DAC.

To get sdfat to read from the sd card I had to go in to the SdFatConfig.h file and set the USE_STANDARD_SPI_LIBRARY to non zero. This is now telling SdFat to use the standard SPI library which I have added.

I have also tried the bench test for SdFat, and I am reading my card at 660 KB/s, I have my wires soldered directly to the card bypassing all the level shifting resistors, I have seen some tests where people have done this and they are reaching speeds of 4MB/s.

I know some versions of SdFat come with TurboSPI attached, I am wondering if I install the TurboSPI library and set USE_STANDARD_SPI_LIBRARY to zero, will it make my read speeds faster?

I dont have my project at hand so I cant just check it myself at the moment, but I thought I would scope it out before I get to my project next. Also I am using an Arduino Due. Thanks for reading, any info is appreciated.