SDFatlib: unmounting device for removal

Hello. I have a project (work, not hobby) which uses SDFatlib in conjunction with an SDcard which will be a "key" of sorts for the operator. Basically, the operator inserts the key, presses a button, some info is both read from and written to the key, which is then removed by the operator. I know to use the "init" function to mount the SD card, but I don't see any sort of unmounting command except for flushing the write buffer to the SDcard. Is there anything else that needs to be done so that the card can be safely removed? I presume that when the operator re-inserts the card later at the end of the task, I will have to call another init, but is something else needed to prevent memory leaks, stuck interrupts, or other malfunctions? Thanks.

Close all files that are opened for write. You can then safely remove the SD. SdFat does not use dynamic memory or interrupts.

Call begin() after the new SD is inserted.

Thanks. Yeah, I noticed my version of SDFatlib was dated 2012 (hey, it's worked great all those years :) ) so I will upgrade and switch to .begin.