Sdfrethsh (Arduino shell) discussion

Hi all,

Just posted "my" version of an Arduino shell here:

Please post any comments / discussion regarding this here :)


Hmm... Where is the edit button for the original post ?? :) Edit: it's apparently called "modify" here :) But still cannot find one for the original post??

Anyways, just wanted to edit it, to add brief info that:

there is now version 1.1.0 on svn (see below), which can embed one of three unofficial DHCP libraries for Arduino: Arduino DHCP Library: Version 0.4 (jordanterrell); ASocket library (google code) (kegger); ArduinoEthernet (gkaindl). For more about the library installation procedure, see the dhcp test sketch ardtestdhcp.pde. Note that with (gkaindl), compiled Binary sketch size is: 14918 bytes.