SDLC to serial port

Hi guys Does anyone have any info/pointers on how to trap a raw datastream from an SDLC output using an Arduino board. I saw there's an SPI, and USART (?), but am not sure whether I just start recording the serial port inputs or, do i need to code up some protocol stuff too? Ta

SDLC is a "synchronous" serial protocol, which means that it requires external clocks and is generally much more complex than the "Asynchronous" protocols that the normal Arduino serial port supports. While "USART" generally means that the hardware is capable of handling both sync and async protocols, HDLC/SDLC is essentially a special form of synchronous protocol, and I don't see any indication in the datasheet that the AVR USART has any of the features that you really want to have in order to hear SDLC devices (idle and "sync" (start of frame) character detection being the most important.) In theory, I guess you could do all of this is software (like softwareSerial), especially at the low data rates that are common for SDLC, but it would be a major effort.

Thanks for the info westfw. I have some AVR info that talks about this stuff, its all assembler of course which I was wanting to avoid if possible.