SDuFAT problem..cannot write to the SDcard ..

i am using ArduinoBT + Libelium's microSD module...

i am trying to Run the SDuFAT basic example with no success :/ so i change a little bit the sketch so i can write a "Hello World" message every 2 secs..

#include "SDuFAT.h"

// SD powerPin
#define MEM_PW 8

void setup(void)
  pinMode(MEM_PW, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(MEM_PW, HIGH);


void loop(void)
     int result = 0;
    // print a status message for the last issued command
    result=SD.println("hola.txt","Hello World");
    if (result == 1) SD.printEvent(ERROR, "hola.txt");
    else if (result == 2) SD.printEvent(WARNING, "unknown command");
    else if (result == 0) SD.printEvent(SUCCESS, "hola.txt");

when arduino running the sketch i get the following message in my SerialMonitor :

[hola.txt] - add string

[hola.txt] - add string

[hola.txt] - ..error!

i think the result has always "1" as value and i cant understand the whole thing in writeSectors function that probably creates the problem !Any ideas?

I have the same module from Libelium but I'm using it with the arduino duemilinove with no problems. Only advice I could offer is that you make sure the board is plugged into the right pins on the BT.

SDuFAT cannot create files, did you copy the hola.txt to your sd? add spaces to make room to your text because SDuFAT cannot expand files neither.

FAT16 library is way better, but it takes a lot more of the arduino program memory

well finally i did it...i wrote in the microSD card...i used the FileLogger library... but i still have some i need to read something from the card and save it directly in a variable for further process ! i suspect that i must call some functions(readSector ?) from mmc file but as i am new in proggramming i need some there any example sketch so i can take some ideas?(i didnt find any example at any library where u can read something from SDcard direclty in a variable)...

thanks in advance !