Sealing machined breadboard

All right guys im making a breadboard button pad to fit in a case im making for a project. To do this i will need to cut and drill the breadboard so it fits in the case.

The problem is that no matter how hard i try to get it perfect, i usually tear up the holes for the screws while manipulating and testing. Not to mention the weakness around the holes.

So i was wondering if any one had any tips or tricks to sealing the finished breadboard or ways to strengthen the area around the screw holes.

Get some strip board or perf board a solder up a real circuit board. It's easy enough to drill holes for mounting and I've never had problems with them breaking out, even when I'm using the board out of a case with standoff feet screwed on.

Breadboard is not suitable for long term installations, particularly something like a button pad where the parts will be subject to mechanical stressed during operation. The connections will become unreliable.

As pert said, you should transfer it to strip/protoboard, and solder the parts in place.

As it happens, I sell protoboard:

I've got similar boards in a lot of sizes, you may even fine one you don't need to cut..