Search-and-Replace Surprise

I'm using 1.6.5 of the IDE and really like the new features. Today, I had a function with two arguments and then changed it to no arguments. So I had a bunch of old function calls scattered throughout the file that looked like this:

   ShowSelection(menuIndex, menuSelection);

So, I copied the line into the Search-and-Replace field as:

ShowSelection(menuIndex, menuSelection);

I then changed the "Replace with" field with:


and clicked "Find and Replace". It failed to find any matches even though I could see the target string of the search in the IDE.

When I removed the trailing semicolon in the search (and replace) field, it worked as expected. I can't say it hasn't always worked this way because I don't think I've ever done this kind of search before. However, perhaps this can save you a few head scratches...